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Samantha Jane

 How I work

Welcome to my page, I am passionate about the magical world of energy and the innate power we all have to create the life we want. I am a clear channel , psychic medium and healer who accesses the energetic realms for insight and transformation. My mission is to facilitate connection to your soul's purpose and your own innate wisdom to create new possibilities in your life. When you are in right relationship with yourself life flows and you experience empowerment. I offer soul readings and channeled guidance as well as healing and alignment with shamanic transformation sessions.Transformational sessions are offered in private healing sessions and you can also join my dynamic and supportive group workshops and classes that affect amazing change by the groups collective energy .


Change is activated when we start to work in the transpersonal world the conscious and unconscious realms. I work to give a voice to those aspects of ourselves that may not have had a voice.. By integrating parts of ourselves that have been forgotten and disowned and bringing our souls into balance and alignment allows for incredible healing and opens up other avenues of potential. This can include past lives, karmic and ancestral lines that run through the family.


My Journey

My Journey working with spirit and healing began in 2003 when I started painting and pursuing my creativity. Accessing the creative realms and leaving aside my logical thinking for longer periods of time allowed me to connect with myself in a deep way that essentially activated my own spiritual awakening. For me the creative, spiritual and psychic self are connected.l 


I believe all of us are creative beings and we create and manifest everything in our lives. What we manifest in our lives is directly linked to our emotional state, attitudes and beliefs systems. These are not only related to ancestral , karmic and family lines in this lifetime but also in past lives. When we start to shift these energetic grids and belief systems on a conscious and unconscious level and come into right relationship we start to change ourselves and our lives. 


Essentially my passion is to work with spirit. By connecting with the greater spiritual plane, my own spirit and the spirit of my clients- this three way connection allows insight and access to what lies in other dimensions and the realms beyond . 


                     College of Complimentary Medicine - Transpersonal Art Therapy- 2005

                     Diploma of Health Science - Holistic Kinesiology - 2007        

                     Australian Institute of Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnotherapy 2013                        

              Shamanism - 2017

                                                                        Reiki - 2018