Soul Readings

Within a reading I use my gifts as a Clear Channel , A Seer and Psychic Medium to look at the blue print of your life and souls journey. I connect to my spirit guides and higher self to access the akashic records to uncover and track your path and reveal what is unfolding in your life.


I also look at any issues or steps towards personal growth needed to transform and reach your potential to create the life you wish to lead. A also connect with and channel guides and loved ones who have crossed over that come through to assist and deliver messages for healing.


I use 2 decks of cards - the tarot and her own deck of cards that I created of personal symbology. My unique readings consists of an outer and inner reading .The outer being the world and what is unfolding within your life and also an inner reading of what is happening within you. I look at the energy grids of what is unfolding in your life what gifts and talents are to be embraced and what needs to be released and patterns that don't serve you anymore.


Phone readings are also available.

Transformational Therapy
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I not only use my innate intuitive gifts as a psychic channel but incorporate my extensive experience and qualifications as a therapist to access the physical ,mental, emotional, and spiritual realms together with the conscious and unconscious to start the healing process. I essentially work holistically to facilitate alignment and right relationship within the client.

By using a combination and blend of Shamanism, Kinesiology, Transpersonal Art Therapy and Hypnotherapy I am able to shift clients quickly by working on belief systems and attitudes as well as supporting change through the energies of the body. 

I have developed my own brand of therapy using different techniques and modalities that I am guided to use on the day  A client may experience a combination of all modalities in a session or just one.  


I am passionate about facilitating clients to create the lives they dream by transcending their limited or conditioned beliefs. To raise the level of vibration and self awareness To create an understanding of the importance of our inner worlds or the connection we have within ourselves that ultimately determines what we create in our lives.